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MARCA: K-nuts


The K -nuts are used in all disciplines of motorsport. We have for all vehicles , rally cars ( WRC, S2000 , ... and the circuit R3 cars, GT cars , also used in formula cars F1 , F3 , karts and motorcycles The k -nuts ( nuts ) allows us to cover all applications possible motorsport . It has a small key size , the k - hex nuts has several advantages over traditional security : 1.menos space to the key : especially useful for hard to reach places . Two . Weight reduction The nuts the anchor ( anchor nuts ) are typically used to attach fairings , access plates , body panels ... aerospace and automotive applications . However, also be used in structural applications with bolts. These are some of the advantages of our fixed anchor nuts : Anchor nuts 1.all - metal can be used in temperatures up to 235 ° C ( the nylon insert nut are only approximately 120 ° C) 2.Ideal solution for blind installation where there is little or no access to tighten a hex


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